Road Trip up the Himalayas


A year later and I’m still at awe at how scenic the city of Islamabad was, in particular the point at which the Margalla Hills begin to drift into the vast Himalayan mountain range. If you ever find yourself in this area, I strongly recommend two life-changing stops:

  1. The Monal Islamabad, a restaurant that sits at the peak of the Margalla Hills. Not only is it some of the best food I had while in Pakistan, but the view is absolutely insane. I highly suggest trying to go during sunset/prayer times as hearing the Azan echo off the hills will take your breath away.
  2. The Pearl Continental Hotel, a resort that overlooks the entire Himalayan mountain range. The hotel includes an all-inclusive buffet, horse-riding, hiking trails and even a helicopter pad. However, it is not located in Islamabad, you will have to trek a little further into Bhurban.
Pearl Continental Bhurban

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