Making the Most of Your Profile from the Professionals at LinkedIn


Making the Most of Your Profile from the Professionals at LinkedIn

During the first week of March, City Year New York provided us an amazing professional development retreat. We heard tips on advancing our careers from companies such as LinkedIn, Microsoft, HSBC & New York Life Insurance. I wanted to include a few key points from my LinkedIn Session that I felt were crucial to know:

1. Pick a profile photo in which you look like you’re going to a job interview.

2. Pick a header photo which displays something either related to work or where you’re located–i.e. a picture of NYC or if you’re an educator, a picture of you teaching a class.

3. Utilize the recommendation portion. Try to equip yourself with at least three.

4. Compose one LinkedIn post a month to show recruiters that you’re active.

5. A great way to get other professionals to endorse your skills is to get your feet wet first. Take the initiative and start endorsing old coworkers, peers and managers for skills they displayed when working with you. Matt Walters, who led my session, said you should try to have around 30 skills listed: including those you think would be general knowledge, such as time management, relationship building & teamwork.

6. Your summary statement is the most crucial part of your profile. Its your elevator pitch and apart from your profile photo, the most important part of your LinkedIn. Abby Garcia, a software engineer at LinkedIn, gave me great advice to look to people who have your dream job and peacock off of them.


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