3 Reasons I’m Crushing on Philly

1. The Views: If you’re looking for a panoramic view of the beautiful Philadelphia skyline, head to Loew’s Philadelphia Hotel in Center City. Also Spruce Street Park, located by the Ben Franklin Bridge gives you a calming view of the water that’s decorated with food trucks and outdoor pubs during summer. Bring a hammock and take in the beautiful sights and sounds of summer in Philly.


2. The Food: I can honestly say in all of the trips that I have taken, I have never eaten a bad meal there. Here’s some places you should try:  Little Sicily 2 for it’s Masala Cheesesteaks, Reading Terminal Market for a taste of everything, Cafe La Maude for BYOB brunch, and Veda for upscale Indian Cuisine. *Also, every Wednesday during summer Philly hosts a city-wide bar crawl known as Sips!*img_9342

3. The Art: Head to the Magic Gardens on South Street for beautiful hand-mosaiced streets. Artist Isaiah Zagar moved to the area when it was desolate and dangerous, slated to be the new home of the Crosstown Expressway, and began to turn its image around. He started creating murals on private and public streets spurring a time historically known as the “South Street Renaissance”. In 2004, when the Boston-based owner of the property found the mosaics, he called for the destruction of Zagar’s work. However, the community banned together to support the artist, the Philadelphia Magic Gardens became a nonprofit intended to preserve the art in the South Street region.


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