End-of-Year Gifts

(These are things that are easy & DIY as I wasn’t working with a budget) 

At the end of my year with Americorps, I gave individualized books to each of my intervention students, based on the journey and strides they had made that year. I wrote notes inside the covers to emulate how much each of the students had personally impacted me and my own growth.

For the other students in my 5th grade class, on Graduation Day I wrote them each a handwritten note and decorated their desks with pictures and highlights in culmination of the year.

In my homework support group, we gave each student a paper plate award. Their favorite part was the EOY Chicken Nugget party though!

For the second-graders I worked with during lunch support, I completed hand-written letters and hosted a EOY Chipotle lunch!

My cheerleaders each got a hand-made name board & completion certificate.

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