Make-A-Wish Foundation

One year ago I started volunteering with Make-A-Wish Metro New York. When I started with the organization, I had no idea what I was in for. I knew that on some scale I would be helping a terminally-ill child find a bit of happiness in a difficult situation, but I had no idea how much this experience would impact me. 

I met Soumini in July of last year, shortly after I began working with the organization. She was a five-year-old who had been diagnosed with Thalassemia and could barely stand without a walker. Her wish was to go to Disney World, but at the time she was too weak to be able to make the trek. Throughout the past year we visited her frequently, bringing Disney-themed gifts, and were constantly encouraged by her strength and determination. A few weeks ago, Soumini was finally healthy enough to able to get her wish and take the trip with her entire family! 

In September I got my new Wish kid! A 10-year-old superstar who wants to throw a football with Patrick Mahomes at the Pro Bowl. His mom later sent us a picture of him playing with the Lego set we gifted him for his initial interview.