Random Acts Of Kindness

This year, I was chosen as one of thirty representatives to take part of the Random Act’s of Kindness new Kindness Experience. 

I hope to use this experience to work more closely with students facing issues of homelessness, poverty and mental health issues in the under-served areas of East Harlem, Brooklyn and the Bronx. Especially those who are at-risk of dropping out or winding up in the School-to-Prison Pipeline.
I want to take initiatives to get students more excited and engaged to both attend and stay in school by hosting local events, finding notable speakers and creating incentives when they overcome obstacles. Fighting issues like: bullying, harassment and drop-out rates. Instilling hope and inspiration into students that are facing obstacles such as mental health, homelessness and poverty.

I hope that this opportunity will help sharpen my leadership abilities enough to start encouraging more people to get involved in performing these acts with me.

Here is a quick peak at the Kindness Project I’ve started with my current students:

Stay tuned for more information about my experience at the conference April 8-10 in Denver!