Get Fruity with Ice Pops at the Conrad New York

Loopy Doopy, a rooftop bar, is located on the 16th floor of the Conrad hotel in the Financial District. The atmosphere is quintessential to that of the restaurants in South Beach, Miami. However, the stunning view of the New Jersey skyline, reminds you that a gem like this could only be found in New York City. Rooftop season in Manhattan would be a little less colorful without the Ice Pops that serve as Loopy Doopy’s trademark drink. You get to mix-and-match different flavors of popsicles and wine, guaranteeing a fruitful combination that will impress you more than the Jersey skyline ever could.


See an elevated view of NYC by helicopter

One of my favorite solo adventures thus far, a helicopter ride in New York is something I would highly recommend to tourists. In fact, if you’re a New Yorker who’s frequented rooftop bars & checked out most of the panoramic skyline views on your bucket list—this aerial adventure is calling your name! While I was a bit nervous about riding a chopper for the first time, Zip Aviation did a wonderful job at making me feel safe while providing an extremely enjoyable experience. They often offer tours via Groupon for reasonable prices.

Dine at Royal Bangladesh Indian Restaurant

If you’re passing through East Village, chances are that you can see the flickering lights of this restaurant from blocks away. This was such a fun experience, from the colorful atmosphere to the upbeat Bollywood music. BYOB & enjoy an atmosphere that could only authentically be created in NYC.

Take in views from Top of the Rock

Located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, the three observation decks which make up Top of the Rock showcase a stunning 360-view of New York City. This is one of my favorite aerial views of Manhattan because you can see skyscrapers of the island encompassed by the surrounding water.